Why are there many customers using the products of Tabita Skin Care ?? Since the age of consent, the wrinkle can appear on our facial skin or we often find soft wrinkle. It is common thing due to the slower process of new skin cell regeneration and age.

Of course, the wrinkled facial skin will make women restless and they seek to recover their skin again to make it soft and tight.

Do you still have the problems of skin, such as dullness, acne, as if it is not treated well? In fact, you often try using several beauty products and there is no satisfying result you get or your skin becomes worse.
Stop wasting your money by purchasing the facial care products that will never give you benefit.
Don't be afraid since you've already found the suitable solution this time to treat your facial skin with the treatment products from Our whitening skin care.

we are the suppliers & distibutions skincare cream with 100% guaranteed originality When it comes to price, we always give the best price to the customers with the natural advantage.
Our products are supplied by the manufacturers directly to give the cheaper, competitive price for you.
We have distributed whitening skincare products in Indonesia since 2010.

If you look for the skincare whitening that is really original with affordable price, you have visited the suitable our website, beauty products from us are suitable for all skin types. Several skin problems are proven to be solved by these products, such as:

• Curing acne
• Brightening dull skin
• Whitening skin
• Smoothing the skin colour.
• Smoothing the skin colour due to the acne scars.
• Hiding and removing spots and dirt on face
• Hiding and removing wrinkle
• Rejuvenating and tightening skin.

"Disclaimer" **: There is a possibility that the reaction and result are different for every person, but we do not guarantee the result for every user since the information we provide is only for the reference of the users skin care produk makes the treatment of skin beauty and face is easier for you.

The Exclusive Package Tabita Skin Care includes:

• Facial Soap
• Day Cream (40 gram)
• Night Cream (40 gram)
• Smooth lotion.

Do you look for the original skincare whitening products with cheap price & good quality benefit?
Visiting this website is a very suitable decision since we are the official distributor directly supplied by the manufacturer of products, so we can give cheaper price for agent or end user.

The increasing enthusiasts from whitening skin care products make the sellers of ours products sell the product at expensive price as if the users must buy it, though they have to spend a lot of money.
You don't need to worry anymore since you are now visiting the official site of distributor of whitening products with the guaranteed originality and affordable price.

For your information, nowadays, there are many false products of skin care whitening in the market, so you will be confused to determine which one is original.

The simple way to determine the originality of the product is to see the package of ours products that you will buy. Is it renewed or not?


The steps to use Tabita Skin Care at morning are as follows:

1. Rinse face and neck with Facial Soap evenly until clean, then rinse it and let it dry.
2. Apply the Smooth Lotion you put on cotton adequately, apply it evenly on facial skin
3. Apply Smooth Lotion to face and neck in a moist condition adequately without doing it excessively by tapping it slowly and evenly (don't rub/press it).

The steps to use Tabita Skin Care at afternoon are as follows:

1. Clean and rinse face and neck with Facial Soap evenly, then rinse it.
2. After your face feels dry and moist, you can continue it with the use of day cream by applying it evenly on facial skin without excessive use.

The steps to use Tabita Skin Care at night are as follows:

1. Clean and rise face and neck with Facial Soap until clean, then rinse it and let it dry.
2. Apply Smooth Lotion, pour it on cotton before you use it adequately.
3. Apply to face and neck slowly and evenly (don't rub/press it).
4. After it is evenly done, in a moist condition, use Night Cream at night regularly

The possible reaction in the first ten days, your skin will feel a little hot or it will turn red. It usually happens for those who never use the cream for facial treatment before (if we don't feel anything after using the beauty cream). The application is from face to neck. The application on neck will cause itchiness; just continue using it.

Reduce the smooth lotion, you only need two drops. After two weeks, it will be normal again, the reaction like redness or itchiness will not appear again. The benefit will be felt after one month of use. In using Tabita Skin Care, it is not recommended to combine it with other treatment products from different brands. If the users want to try the face powder as they can in the first month, don't use it if you want to get the optimal result.

The following is the reaction when you use Tabita Skin Care for the first time. The application is from face to neck. After you use Tabita for one week, your face will feel tight and a little itchy on the skin surface (don't let your finger scratch the itchy skin). The dull skin will usually undergo the exfoliation process in the first ten days. In this condition, don't scratch it since it can hurt your face. In the application on neck, it will feel itchy, just continue using it. Use only two drops of Smooth Lotion. After less than two weeks, it will be normal again and the result is obvious after one month. (NOTE: There is the possibility of different reaction for every person; it can be used as reference. The exfoliation can happen or not. If you feel soreness and itchiness, just tap it slowly with tissue or cotton that is clean and soft. The use of treatment cream must be continued/ don't stop it. After the light exfoliation on face, it is evenly done on skin. Then, the itchiness will disappear itself.

The exfoliation is usually quite longer on nose and mouth. After the use in the fourth and fifth week, the change will be obvious on your face. It is prohibited to mix or use other beauty products in the first month. If you have to do it, just use the face powder of one product. In a month, don't use any face powder whenever possible to get the optimal result.

"Disclaimer" **: There is a possibility that the reaction and result are different for every person, but we do not guarantee the result for every user since the information we provide is only for the reference of the users skin care produk makes the treatment of skin beauty and face is easier for you.

Our Product Tabita Skin Care

Tabita Smooth Lotion

Tabita Skin Care smooth lotion, cleanser and refresher for facial skin and neck reduce and remove acne and make dull skin clean, white, and bright. Smooth Lotion has the function as the advanced cleanser for your skin. After the dirt on your skin surface is cleaned with facial soap, smooth lotion cleans the residue under your skin surface. As we know, the old residue under the skin is really hard to be cleaned. But, with smooth lotion of TABITA, it can clean all dirt and reduce the pores on face.

Facial Soap

Facial soap of Tabita Skin Care is the liquid soap to clean face and neck from sticking dirt and tighten our facial skin. Facial Soap of Tabita skin care is used to clean your skin from the sticking dirt. It has papaya extract, so you will your skin bright from time to time. If it is stored in the place with low temperature, this facial soap will form fiber, like pieces or clods of papaya. It is caused by the natural ingredient of soap.

Eye Cream Tabita Skin Care

Eye cream of Tabita Skin Care is the product to clean and tighten the skin around your eyes. It will solve and reduce the wrinkles or eyelids around your eyes,. With Eye Cream of Tabita Skin Care, you will get a satisfying result. Skin around your eye will be cleaner and there are no wrinkles or eyelids anymore. Of course, your will look young and fresh. Then, what are other advantages of Eye Cream from Tabita?

The eye treatment products from Tabita Skin Care is the moisturiser to brighten and tighten area around eye. This eye cream is enriched with anti-aging formula for the area around they eye. The texture is almost like a blue jelly rather than cream and it is formulated in such a way to be absorbed quickly. Used for area of lower circle and eyelids. Use it once a day at night before sleeping.

Gold Serum of Tabita Skin Care

Additional Products from GOLD SERUM OF TABITA SKIN CARE is the serum with higher formula over other facial creams; this cream is made of pure Vitamin E with the nutrition of Vitamin E that is important for facial skin. It makes your facial skin more elastic and tight.

Body Scrub of Tabita Skin care

Tabita Skin Care Body Scrub is the relaxation item for spoiling your body and removing dead skin on your body, so it supports the regeneration of new skin cells if you often take a bath with the scrub. The following is some benefits of Tabita Skin Care body scrub for your body.

Using herbal cosmetic is a fun activity for women. Besides, it can lift dead skin cells and remove the dirt on skin, so the skin can breathe again. Besides, this activity make us relaxed, remove the stiffness, smoothen the blood flow, so our body will be lighter and fresher. The daily activities really take our attention. Due to our daily activities, we forget the importance of treating our body skin. Finally, when we have the problem on our body skin, we are aware of the importance. Allocate your time to treat your body skin.

Face Powder of Tabita Skin Care

FACE POWDER TABITA SKIN CARE is the face powder in a loose item from Tabita Skin Care. The effect of face powder from Tabita Skin Care is proven to be natural with the best result to make face look white naturally, not like when you use face powder. It can be united naturally with the color of your facial skin.

The face powder is the item with the anti-irritation formula since 100% of ingredient is pure talc without any chemicals; it makes your skin glow, shinning, and soft as if it reflects the light. It is very safe, healthy, natural, without any side effect at all, such as comedo, acne, etc.

Hand & Body Lotion Tabita Skin Care

Tabita Skin Care Body lotion has a good benefit for skin, especially to improve the skin regeneration. The skin itself regenerates and removes the dead skin cells every 28 hours. At night, the skin regeneration happens twice more frequently than at morning and evening. So, the skin moisture is reduced at night since the skin loses its water 25% higher. The moisturiser for feet and hand is needed to make it white, soft, and wet. Maintain moisture and elasticity of skin, prevent the drought on skin, and make skin soft and bright.

With body lotion of Tabita Skin Care at night, the skin moisture will be maintained. Besides, skin can absorb vitamin, antioxidant, and other nutrition in a body lotion better at night. At night, the pores are opened larger. It is very good to accelerate the natural regeneration process of skin at night.

Acne Cream Tabita Skin Care

Acne Cream of Tabita Skin Care uses the herbal extract as its main ingredient. The formula in acne cream of Tabita Skin Care will solve acne. This cream works fast, effectively, and safely for skin. It does not have stimulation reaction and absorption. Acne cream of Tabita can be absorbed quickly and its permeability is high. This product can cure acne and repair rough skin slowly formed by acne scars and make your facial skin free of acne and soft.

Don't be doubtful and afraid to use the Anti-Acne Cream from Tabita Skin Care since this Anti Acne Cream will help you to remove the acne completely. Just apply the Facial Soap of Tabita, Smooth Lotion of Tabita, Day and Night Cream of Tabita to get optimal treatment and result.

Matt finishing of Tabita Skin Care

Matt finishing of Tabita Skin Care is the liquid foundation as the safe choice for all skin types. Its formula is soft and easy to penetrate in skin pores, so the make-up will look more natural. It has two types of formula with liquid as its main ingredient for oily skin and oil for dry skin. It is very easy to be used since you do not need to apply face powder again on it.

The matt finishing from Tabita Skin Care gives 2 benefits for your skin, the application of make-up will look natural and it implies the flawlessness of your skin as the result of frequent use of this product. After you use the basic package of skin treatment, your skin will be flawless. You do not need to use bold make-up anymore to cover the spots on face. With liquid falsification from Tabita Skin Care, it is very enough as your make-up. It can give the shinning & glowing effects on face; your face will be bright, clean, and chewy (you don't need to use it every day). Just use it when you hang out.

Delivery Oversea Asean Country

we are offcial distributor for Tabita skincare original First hand . Tabita is a skincare whitening produced in indonesia,our brand is premium skincare adn established since 2008. At the moment our products has been delivered to some asian country such as Malaysia,Singapure,Brunie,philpines and cambodia. Delivery Abroad Tabita Skin Care we accept both retail orders and special Wholesale costumer abroad either by Malaysia, Brunei derusalam, and singapure services that we use in shipping, we will send orders your parcel door to door where the service is our priority to service delivery servise auspicious time.

good use of air cargo (airfreight) / and expedition sea shipping (sea shipping) Our course will provide an option for customer to determine, delivery time detail Estimate time for shipping in below:

* Delivery : 3-4/days /by air cargo (airfreight)
* Delivery : 15-21 / days /by Sea shipping

pengiriman tabita skin care

Our Tabita Skin Care products are not questioned again. We will ensure the originality; it is 100% original. We are supplied directly by the producer of Tabita Skin Care products, so we can give a relatively competitive price to you. We serve the purchase on wholesale and retail with competitive price for you. As one of distributors, we give the best price for you based on our commitment on the customer satisfaction as our priority. Therefore, we maintain the stability of price, so we can have satisfied loyal customers buying the Tabita products on tabitaoriginalcenter.com, the trusted site selling the original Tabita products. Until now, we have customers in many cities in Indonesia and some neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

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